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Ohana Recovery is a luxury alcohol rehab in Agoura Hills, California that offers personalized care for those who wish to recover from their addictions. At our drug and alcohol treatment center, our dedicated staff is available to help clients around-the-clock to ensure that they are getting the attention they need to recover from substance use disorder. Our luxury Agoura Hills treatment center is here to provide a serene and comfortable environment for all our residents.

Addiction is a complex disease that affects a person’s brain and their ability to control the intake of harmful substances. When experiencing addiction, the body starts to crave a substance or behavior, and a person starts to develop a compulsive need to continue taking the substance. Someone experiencing an addiction will do anything they can to get their hands on the substance that they are addicted to, and over time the overuse of the substance will bring about harmful effects on the body. 

Over time, addiction starts to interfere with a person’s daily life. People may start to stray from certain relationships and lack any emotional response to things they once coveted. Addiction is also a relapsing disease, which means that addicts may stop taking the harmful substance for periods of time and then eventually come back to it.

To make a full recovery from addiction without the risk of relapse, it is important to seek help from a drug and alcohol treatment center where medical practitioners, therapists, and addiction specialists can help make a full evaluation and individualized treatment plan. Once someone with an addiction decides that they want to get help, it is important to not do it on their own. It is common for people to relapse because once a person stops abusing a substance, the body reacts with withdrawal symptoms that can range from mild to severe. In many cases, people opt to continue to abuse substances to avoid or halt the withdrawal symptoms.  

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Ohana Recovery Center offers custom-made treatment plans to each client for a truly individualized experience in addiction treatment specifically for women. Learn more about our mission and how we can help.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab in California

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Residential Inpatient

Discover your path to sustainable, long-term recovery at Ohana Recovery Center’s residential inpatient program. 

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Detoxification Treatment

Take the first step towards freedom with our safe & effective detoxification treatment, which utilizes the latest methods for comfort in detox.

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Dual Diagnosis

Many of our clients suffer from co-occurring mental illness, that if left untreated, could become a barrier to success in recovery. That’s where our dual-diagnosis program comes in.

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What's The Process of Detoxification Treatment?

The first essential step of addiction treatment is called detoxification. Detoxification Treatment is the process where a person rids their body of harmful toxins that have been building up in the system as a result of long-term substance abuse. Once an addict stops taking the substance they have been addicted to, the body attempts to re-regulate itself, and in this process a person may experience varying levels of withdrawal symptoms. In a treatment setting, detox includes 24-hour medical supervision, medication, and counseling. 

When people attempt to undergo detoxification treatment on their own, without medical supervision, this is where it becomes easier to relapse and give up on recovery. Prolonged substance abuse causes the body to develop a tolerance and sometimes a level of reliance on a particular substance, and in this case, it is extremely important to have a medical practitioner there to treat the person’s condition correctly. There are some circumstances where a person may develop an intense reliance on a substance, and a medical practitioner will be better equipped to advise this person on how to go about detoxing from the substance. When detoxing under medical supervision, the expert professionals will do everything they can to mitigate withdrawal symptoms and to avoid any potential life-threatening situations to occur. 

Detoxification is the preparatory step before a person undergoes a treatment program, and in most cases, it involves three steps. The first step to detox is an intake form or an evaluation. In this step, the medical practitioners will do a comprehensive overview of a person’s history with the substance to understand how long they’ve been addicted to it and how much of the substance they’ve been taking. This will allow our staff to determine the best way to help mitigate withdrawal symptoms. The next step of detox is medication. Medication is used to mitigate withdrawal symptoms by offering similar effects to the drug that the person had been abusing. These medications may also help with co-occurring disorders and general feelings of discomfort or pain. The final step of detoxification treatment is stabilization. When a person is done detoxing, it will then be time for them to undergo medical and psychological treatment to continue curing the disease by helping the person gain a deeper understanding of the why behind their addiction. Therapies will help to analyze and change certain behaviors to help clients make a long-lasting, meaningful recovery. 

At Ohana Recovery, our luxury alcohol rehab and expert medical staff will be there every step of the way to help our clients detox as safely as possible. Our California luxury detox center offers around-the-clock care that is needed for clients to make a full recovery. We want our clients to leave our facilities knowing that they could go on to lead fulfilling and successful addiction-free lives. 

Withdrawal Symptoms & Detox Timeline

When a person drinks alcohol or abuses drugs on a regular basis, their brain will adjust to the presence of this substance, and the body will develop a reliance on it. The person will become physically and psychologically dependent on this substance, and they will start to rely on it to feel ‘normal.’ When this person decides to stop using the substance and undergoes detoxification, varying levels of withdrawal symptoms will occur. These symptoms can range anywhere from mild and uncomfortable to worrisome and life-threatening. Depending on the substance that is being abused and how much of the substance a person is tolerating, the withdrawal symptoms will vary. 

Some of the milder withdrawal symptoms may include headaches, sweating, shaking, anxiety, extreme fatigue, irritability, muscle aches and pains, and insomnia. Some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms may include disorientation, tremors, dehydration, depression, hypertension, suicidal thoughts, and seizures. To mitigate these withdrawal symptoms, it is important to detox under direct 24-hour medical supervision. 

The detox timeline also varies depending on how long the person had been addicted to the substance and what substance the person had been addicted to. Our bodies all react differently to detoxification, and therefore a detox can range anywhere from 5 days to a couple weeks.

At Ohana Recovery, our luxury alcohol rehab and detox center is here to offer 24-hour care for clients undergoing the detoxification process. Our caring, professional medical staff is here to help mitigate symptoms of withdrawal and shorten the time it takes for our clients to detox. 

A Luxury Detox Center in California

At our luxury Agoura Hills detox center, our clients can expect to be treated with a personalized treatment program that matches their individual needs and goals. Our staff will assist each person with an initial evaluation, followed by a detoxification plan, and a personalized treatment program that will help make the recovery process meaningful and long-lasting. 

Detoxing at Ohana Recovery offers patients a beautiful, serene environment. All our clients are able to detox safely and anonymously in one of the most gorgeous destinations in the world. Agoura Hills is known for its peacefulness, and the gorgeous beaches allow for outdoor exploration and offer elevation to mindfulness techniques. Step away from your problems and undergo treatment at a facility that has your comfort as our top priority. 

Ohana Recovery
An Agoura Hills Treatment Center

Detoxification can be a difficult and painful process; therefore, it is essential to undergo detoxification in an environment that is both peaceful and motivating. Our detox center in Agoura Hills, California offers a beautiful setting and an extremely dedicated staff that is passionate about your recovery process. 

At Ohana Recovery, clients will undergo detox for as long as they need, followed by therapy and personalized treatment programs. These treatment plans may include 12-step programs, individual therapy, group therapy, mindfulness, yoga, exercise, aftercare, and more. We want all our clients to depart from our facility with a new lease on life. We want our clients to understand that they are capable of making a meaningful, long lasting recovery.

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Ohana Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment center located near Agoura Hills, California. Our expert staff of medical practitioners, therapists, psychologists, and addiction specialists are available 24 hours a day for all our residents. At Ohana Recovery, our luxury detox center is the best place to take that difficult step into your future. Ohana Recovery believes that each person who enters our Agoura Hills facilities is worthy of an addiction free life. We believe that recovery is deeply personal, and we want each of our clients to feel like they are being taken care of when they are under our care. Come visit our luxury drug and alcohol treatment center in Agoura Hills to make a full recovery today.