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At our luxury inpatient drug rehab in Agoura Hills, California, we offer many different treatments plans and programs to match the needs of our residents who are suffering from addiction. Our residential inpatient treatment center in California provides a serene and calming environment where our clients can feel comfortable and safe recovering from their addictions. 

Our residential inpatient treatment center provides 24-hour support for clients who opt to live in our facility for an extended period of time. Clients can expect to undergo initial evaluations followed by detoxification and various forms of psychotherapy as provided by our in-house expert medical practitioners. 

Recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is not easy, and many people need additional support and minimal distractions to fully focus on overcoming their addictions and making a full recovery. Opting for outpatient care requires addicts to remain in the environment where they were abusing substances and set aside meaningful time to focus on recovery without supervision and around-the-clock care. 

Everyone has their own unique experience when it comes to their personal journey with substance abuse, therefore not every person recovers in the same way. Some clients may need to opt for more hands-on care, and depending on the severity of the addiction, clients may need to opt for inpatient care for their withdrawal symptoms to be monitored properly by medical professionals.

Ohana Recovery is a luxury inpatient alcohol and drug treatment center in California that offers 24-hour personalized care for our clients. Our serene and calm environment is the perfect place to stay while recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. We make our residents feel at home here at our luxury treatment center in Agoura Hills.  

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Ohana Recovery Center offers custom-made treatment plans to each client for a truly individualized experience in addiction treatment specifically for women. Learn more about our mission and how we can help.

Women's Addiction Treatment in California

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Residential Inpatient

Discover your path to sustainable, long-term recovery at Ohana Recovery Center’s residential inpatient program. 

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Take the first step towards freedom with our safe & effective detoxification program, which utilizes the latest methods for comfort in detox.

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Dual Diagnosis

Many of our clients suffer from co-occurring mental illness, that if left untreated, could become a barrier to success in recovery. That’s where our dual-diagnosis program comes in.

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Residential Inpatient vs. Outpatient: Which is
Right for Me?

Everyone has their own personal journey with addiction, and it only makes sense for people to also have their own personal journey with recovery. The two treatment options are typically inpatient residential care and outpatient treatment. When looking for a rehabilitation center, the best place to start is by evaluating the current state of the addiction by distinguishing how long the substance abuse has been occurring and how much of the substance is consumed each day. From there, a determination can be made about whether it is safe to detox without medical supervision. A lot of the time, people suffering from an addiction will need 24-hour medical care, a supportive environment that is outside of their usual setting, and around-the-clock therapy options to dive deeper into the root of the addiction. 

Inpatient rehabilitation is also called residential rehab because clients will live on-site at our facilities and will have 24-hour access to medical care. Inpatient rehab is recommended for clients with more severe or longer-term addictions who are still struggling with remaining sober for extended periods of time. It is also recommended to attend inpatient rehab if dual treatment is needed. A lot of the time, mental health and addiction go hand in hand, and the overlap of the two need to be dealt with and treated at an inpatient facility. Living at the addiction treatment center forces addicts to avoid temptation and other outside factors that may trigger a relapse. Ohana Recovery offers a comforting environment for residents to recover alongside others who are also suffering from substance abuse as well. Whether a person thrives at individual or group therapy, they are both a viable option when opting for inpatient care. 

Outpatient rehabilitation also involves daily treatment; however, those opting for outpatient rehab will not live in the facility throughout the course of the treatment. Those who choose outpatient rehab are able to continue with work or school, and they are going to remain in their usual environment, but they will still receive daily check-ins and therapies that are helpful for recovery. It is recommended that those who have less severe addictions opt for outpatient rehab because there is less supervision and accountability required.

Some of the attributes of an inpatient rehab center include a higher success rate for recovery, a higher financial expense, 24-hour medical and emotional support, and no distractions from daily life. Outpatient rehab is a little more flexible and affordable, however there can be distractions that deter people from making a full recovery, and therefore there is a lower success rate for those who opt to undergo outpatient care.

When deciding whether inpatient or outpatient care is right for you, it is essential to be honest with yourself or your loved one to ensure that they are undergoing the care that makes sense from a recovery standpoint. The goal is to utilize the treatment that is being offered and to make the most of the opportunity to make a full recovery. Opting for inpatient rehab could be a life-altering decision that will change the course of a person’s life. Taking a couple weeks or months to focus on yourself can be the best decision of your life, and therefore it is important to consider opting for inpatient rehab to recover from your addiction. 

How to Find the Best Residential Inpatient Treatment in Conejo Valley

When looking for a residential inpatient treatment center, it is essential to opt for a rehab that personalizes its treatment programs for every person. Recovering from an addiction is a very personal experience and going to a rehab center that understands that is of the utmost importance. 

Ohana Recovery believes that each person who walks in our doors is worthy of an addiction-free life. Our medical staff of therapists, psychologists, doctors, and addiction specialists are all here with one goal in mind – to provide the best possible care for our residents.

When choosing a rehab, it is also important to consider the location of the facility. Our luxury residential drug and alcohol treatment center is located in Agoura Hills, California, which is known for being one of the most beautiful, serene locations in the world. The beaches are stunning, and the environment is calming, which helps as clients learn mindfulness and reach deeper into themselves to discover the root of their addiction.

Our Innovative, Luxury Inpatient
Rehab for Women

When people come to our luxury inpatient treatment center in Agoura Hills, we focus all our attention on creating a personalized treatment program for them. After the detox process, clients will enter the portion of rehabilitation that includes therapy and various treatment programs that we personalize for each person based on their individual needs. Some therapies that we offer at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Agoura Hills include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, and mindfulness techniques such as meditation, yoga, exercise, and various other calming activities.

Clients who come to our innovative, luxury inpatient alcohol rehab will discover the treatment plan that works for them. Our expert staff of addiction specialists will ensure that each person is taken care of individually and that they are treated with the best possible care. We understand that everyone has a personal journey with addiction, and to recover from addiction we need to offer the right care for that individual. Some people benefit from more individualized, one-on-one therapy, and others benefit more from group therapies and 12-step programs that hold them accountable. 

Ohana Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment center located in Agoura Hills, California, and our staff is here to provide the highest level of care for each of our residents. We offer our residents the best circumstances to make a long lasting and meaningful recovery at our facilities.

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Ohana Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment center in Agoura Hills, California. When clients enter our luxury drug and alcohol treatment center in Agoura Hills, we want them to know that our focus is fully on our clients and their road to recovery. 

Come visit our drug and alcohol inpatient luxury treatment facility in Agoura Hills, California to take the first step into your addiction-free future. We want our clients to know that they are capable of leading fulfilling, meaningful, and successful lives free from the burden of their addictions. We believe that recovery is deeply personal, and we want each of our clients to feel like they are being taken care of when they are under our care. Come visit our luxury drug and alcohol treatment center in Agoura Hills today to make a full recovery from drug or alcohol abuse today.