Addiction impacts men and women in different ways. The struggles they face while using and the challenges experienced while trying to get sober and begin a journey towards lasting health and recovery will also differ. Because of the significant differences men and women face as they work to heal and get well after a fight with addiction, addiction treatment centers must design their treatment programs around the needs of the individual, not their addiction. At a gender-specific rehab, you can be sure your treatment needs are addressed along with the specific gender-based needs that could hinder your recovery. If you wonder if a gender-specific rehab is right for you, you can learn more below or contact Ohana Recovery Center to talk to one of our admissions team members

What is Gender-Specific-Rehab? 

Gender-specific or gender-focused rehab describes a treatment environment dedicated to addressing the addiction treatment needs of men and women separately. Many factors impact how people experience addiction. Biological gender or one’s gender at birth plays a significant role in a range of factors, including how addiction develops. Data from a range of national studies suggest that biological gender is a substantial contributor for the age of onset of use, the reason for using, the severity of use, and frequency of use. Other factors influenced by gender include the type of substances (generally) used, how addiction affects the body and the challenges experienced during addiction treatment and recovery. 

What are the Benefits of Going to Gender-Specific Rehab? 

Data provided by the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health points to a range of benefits associated with choosing a gender-specific rehab to help you overcome addiction. There are many gender-related differences surrounding addiction. Gender-specific rehab considers the unique needs of the genders and designs treatment plans focused on helping you heal in an environment that offers the most significant opportunities for a safe and successful recovery. 

Some women who enter rehab to overcome addiction resulting from trauma may struggle to feel safe or comfortable in a mixed-gender setting. This is especially true for women who may have experienced abuse (of any kind) at the hands of an opposite-sex partner. Women in these situations may not feel safe staying in a treatment environment or actively participating in therapy sessions that include opposite-sex participants. Mothers seeking to put struggles with addiction in the past may also benefit significantly from gender-specific rehab. In a gender-specific setting, moms may have increased levels of support from other women who share similar experiences with addiction. Having a peer support structure of others who understand your challenges and struggles can lead to more open communication and a greater opportunity for treatment and recovery success.

There are thousands of addiction treatment programs across the nation. To ensure you have the guidance and support you need to meet your specific needs and goals, it is vital to choose a program where your unique physical, psychological and spiritual needs are addressed as part of your treatment plan. At Ohana Recovery Center, our caring and compassionate treatment team understand the unique challenges women face when seeking help to overcome addiction. Our highly skilled treatment staff is here to help you and your family take the first steps on your journey to recovery. 
Our treatment team is skilled in medically managed detox and dual diagnosis rehab. Using evidence-based interventions and comprehensive addiction treatment, we can help you achieve successful, long-term outcomes. Additionally, our outpatient program and structured, supportive sober living environments can help our program alumni attain and maintain long-term sobriety. If you would like to learn more about how our programs can help you, contact our admissions team today to learn more about our Agoura Hills, CA women’s only drug and alcohol rehab.